One Direction Cake

Apparently 1D is all the rage with tween and teen girls these days.

This really is such a basic cake.  The reason I'm posting it is the logo.  Have you ever tried to make a cake and realized the logo was a bit to hard to freehand in butter cream frosting?  Well, the answer is chocolate!  Yes, the chocolate wafers used for candy making.

Print out the logo or picture you'd like on your cake.. but print it out in mirror image (backwards).  Tape it to the table or counter you are working on.  Place waxed paper over the top and tape it as well.  Melt your chocolate and add the candy color of your choice. (Be sure to use candy color.  It's oil based.  Regular gel colors will make your chocolate all lumpy and basically gross!)  Ready a frosting bag with the tip of your choice.  I use a #5 tip.  Then it's as simple as outlining the logo or picture.  Fill them in like you would if you were coloring.  Let it set until hard.  Sometimes I carefully remove the wax paper with chocolate and place it in the fridge if I'm in a hurry.

When the chocolate is set and hard carefully peel off the wax paper.  When you turn the chocolate logo or picture around you will find that what you colored is perfectly smooth and shiny!  This method worked great for the 1D logo with all of the strange jig jags and open areas.  For the smaller letters I used my "decorating" tweezers to lift an place so my fingers didn't melt the delicate pieces. 

I didn't smooth the frosting on this cake because I wanted it to fit in with the logo.

So now you know the trick to making the perfect logo.  You'll find it's quite fun and addicting.

Happy chocolate coloring!!!

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  1. I tried this out today for a one direction cake and it came out great. So easy! Thanks for the instruction!